201. Historic White Pine Village - The Pine


This beautiful quilt square was painted by artist Deborah Chrystal. It is patterned after a quilt square design in the Mason County Historical Society’s collection, and heavily utilizes the white pine motif for which this historical site is named. Although there was an abundance of virgin hardwoods here when the first pioneers settled this County, it was the tall stately white pine that first grabbed the attention of lumber barons.

There is a direct link between the Village’s presence on the Mason County Barn Quilt Trail and the Agricultural Trail because once the white pine and other varieties of timber were cut; the lumber barons often sold the cut over land to farmers. That reality is sharply illustrated by the experience of John G. Peterson who was a timber contractor for lumber baron Justus Stearns. After he finished logging the land in Victory Township, he purchased the property along with the logging camp buildings using the structures for his farming enterprise. Two of those original lumber camp buildings now house the Mason County Lumber Museum here at Historical White Pine Village.

The Pine quilt square is strategically mounted on the north end of the Jorissen Barn, facing the parking lot for maximum exposure. It was raised up onto the barn on September 19, 2014, the official launch day of the Mason County Barn Quilt trail.