202. Fuhrman's - The Windmill


This family chose the Windmill Quilt Pattern as they live in the Lake Winds Energy Park and have wind turbines around their farm. The wind farm began operation in November 2012. It is interesting to recall that area farms that have the modern “windmills” once depended on much smaller and simpler windmills to pump the essential life nourishment of water. The windmill pattern consists of three windmills and our family thought that it was a good representation of our faith in the Trinity: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 

John and Darlene Fuhrman currently own this farm and engaged their youngest daughter Sylvia to paint the quilt square. Painting and crafts are two of her special interests.

Like many others in Mason County this farm was settled and developed by an immigrant family, Christian and Cecelia Jensen Bogvad natives of Denmark. The Bogvad’s first settled in Illinois and then sought a new home here in the 1920’s. Their son Alfred and his wife Velma were the next generation owners of the farm.

The original barn was torn down and some of the lumber was reused in constructing the present barn built in 1951. This is a hip roof barn which is architecturally appealing and functionally advantageous in providing greater space for hay storage in the mow.

In 1991, John and Darlene Fuhrman bought the property from Alfred’s son Dale Bogvad and his wife Dixie. John had grown up on a dairy farm in the Thumb area of Michigan and wanted to buy a place with a hip roof barn. This style of barn is a great place for children to play often highlighted by a rope hung high above and fasten to the rafters at the peak. The openness of the hay mow provides plenty of room for swinging and for the daring spirits, the thrill of letting go of a swinging rope and falling down into a mound of loose hay.

The Fuhrman’s have two daughters, Jill and Sylvia with this barn housing various animals as both girls were active in a wide variety of 4-H projects. They have enjoyed caring for horses, sheep, beef cattle, chickens, rabbits and pigs during the past 23 years.