212. Sandcastles - Friendly Farm Animals and Silly Monsters

Sandcastles Barn Quilt Square

The barn quilt squares on the barn at Grandpa’s Farm exhibit were uniquely made for Sandcastles with kids in mind. Although they are not painted in a traditional barn quilt style, just like everything at Sandcastles, they are designed to engage children’s imaginations. Our first square entitled “Friendly Farm Animals” features portraits of nine different farm animals and is displayed on the south side of our barn. Their smiling, friendly faces are representative of all the animals featured in our farm exhibit. Our second square, “Silly Monsters,” is displayed on the north side of the barn. These imaginary creatures are also smiling and friendly, a fun twist for kids to observe as they take in the sights and sounds of Grandpas’ Farm.

Both of our squares were designed and painted by one of our favorite artists, Mary Todd. Her artwork can be found throughout the museum, and we love the way her art appeals to children of all ages.