305. Michigan Farm Cheese Dairy


Cheese is cheese, right? Well - - - maybe not. Yes, cheese is offered in every hometown grocery store and in all of the big box groceries. But discretionary shoppers and prideful prepares of food are looking for something special and something uniquely tasty. We like and value home grown fresh vegetables, home-made baked goods and cuts of meat available at a local meat market. That originality carries the same strong appeal in the selection of cheese.

Andrulis Farmers Cheese products had their beginning in the old world, and recipes for manufacturing all of their farmers cheese products were brought to the United States by the Andrulis family from Lithuania many years ago. The company is still owned and managed by the Andrulis family, and their products still are created in the same time-honored quality way as they originally were.

This area of Sherman Township attracted a sizeable cluster of Lithuanian immigrants who transported their unique European culture to their new homeland. The Budzinski family, another Lithuanian family homesteaded not far from here and like the Andrulis,’celebrate that heritage today in their way, with a quilt square on the barn honoring the colors of the Lithuanian flag.

Shannon Andrulis Thomas is the current president of the company and her grandparents John and Angie Andrulis started the business in their home in the late 1930’s.

Andrulis Farmers Cheese is available today in a wide variety of seasonings and flavorings to suite your taste, including caraway, unsalted, chive, and plain. All are high in nutrition and low in fat content which makes them appealing to calorie counters. The company produces between 75,000 and 100,000 pounds of cheese a year. They have continued to increase the number of different flavors but the original plain farmers cheese is still the big favorite.

Their old world style cheese is sold at several markets in Mason County, distributed to stores in many other states and is available on line at www.andrulischeese.com