401. Follow The Leader

“Follow the Leader”

Celebrating our heritage and our future through children is an over-arching theme of this sculpture gallery at Waterfront Park. “Follow the Leader” was the second installation in this endeavor that has now grown to 16 pieces of public art along the Mason County Sculpture Trail. Children love this sculpture and the sculpture committee purposely left a rock open so that youngsters could personally follow the leader making it the most photographed piece in the park. Watching children assume a similar pose while standing on one foot with a big smile generates joy on the faces of other members of the family. We have heard that some small children give names to the other sculpted children include the dog.

As you move through the park you will encounter generational sculptures depicting parents and grandparents interacting with young members of their families. 

Stanley “Sandy” Proctor, the artist who created this beloved piece has created public art sculptures in many states throughout the country including the Florida Governor’s Children Park, the National Jewish Center Hospital in Colorado, and the Living Desert Museum in California.