408. Sport Fishing

“Sport Fishing”

There’s always something to catch in Ludington. By any measure, the port has always been one of the top recreational fishing destinations in the Great Lakes. Ludington might be best known for salmon these days, but for decades it was known as a perch hotspot. The harbor before you would be filled with boats and both breakwaters would be lined with people when the perch were “in” during the 1960s. Perch can still be found in decent numbers when conditions are right, but with Lake Michigan getting clearer and with evasive round gobies now plentiful, Ludington has added trophy smallmouth bass to its list of attractions.

In a given year, a person could easily catch almost any freshwater gamefish that swims in Ludington’s harbor. Pere Marquette Lake alone has served up trophy pike, perch and smallmouth bass, while the harbor is home to brown trout, steelhead, lake trout, walleye, coho and king salmon at different times of the year.

Why is Ludington so good to fishermen? Thank the world-famous Pere Marquette River flowing to meet Lake Michigan between the Little Sable Point and Big Sable Point, where the lake currents swirl to attract baitfish of all varieties.

This is Bryce Pettit’s second sculpture created for the Mason County Sculpture Trail.  A wild life artist and a passionate fisherman, Bryce was the perfect artist to create this piece.