412. Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Mason County is full of beauty and with the splendor of Lake Michigan it draws visitors from all over the world. The county is home to nearly 30,000 residents and one of the country’s most visited state parks.

The first lawman to serve the citizens of Mason County and preserve its wonders was Sheriff Daniel Holmes in 1855. Much has changed since days of a lone lawman keeping the peace. Today Mason County is protected by members of the Michigan State Police, Ludington and Scottville Police Departments, Michigan DNR, United States Forest Service, United States Coast Guard, Mason County Animal Control and The Mason County Sheriff’s Office. These men and women are committed to preserving its beauty and protecting its residents and visitors. “Helping Hand” is dedicated to those who daily answer the call and honors those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Colette Pitcher owns the Showcase Art Center in Greely, Colorado and created this bronze sculpture.