413. Flights of Learning

“Flights of Learning”

We can all remember the sense of excitement and wonder a book gives us as children. In “Flights of Learning,” the artist actually captured that feeling in sculpture. A child holds open a huge book, as a flock of birds practically explode from the pages. There is the feeling of excitement and surprise, as each bird leaves the confines of the abstract and flies off to roost in the real world. This is a perfect metaphor for the act of learning. At the library, we see the transformative process of reading every day. The initial confusion, the clamor of thoughts like wings in a flock, then a thought, an idea like a living thing bursts into the clear sky. Each bird represents an area of learning: the wise owl represents science and mathematics; the stern falcon is history; the playful jay is literature; the meadowlark, of course, is music; the hummingbird, fantasy; and the elegant tern portrays the arts. “Flights of Learning” is located at the front entrance to the Ludington Library, reminding everyone of the joy to be found in learning, and to expect the unexpected when opening the pages of a book. Artist Bryce Pettit is a graduate of Brigham Young University majoring in biology and ecology thus his special interest in the art world of wildlife.