414. Double The Fun

“Double the Fun”

This sculpture illustrates the importance of fostering a love for reading in young children. The sculpture shows a mother with an open book on her lap, flanked by her two young children. Both children are leaning towards Mom, eyes on the page, waiting eagerly for the next part of the story to be revealed. This mother is sharing the gift of parental time and attention. With warmth and affection, she is nurturing young minds. Whether she realizes it or not, this mother is teaching her children to love reading. The more joy she shares in the act of discovery, the more her children will be eager to learn. Proficiency in reading is vital to a child’s future. But joy is just as important. Combining warm, loving family time with the act of learning ensures a bright future for these little ones. This mom knows how to “double the fun” and cultivate a love of reading in her children. This is how we grow readers in the library garden.

Stanley Proctor of Tallahassee, Florida has now created three sculptures in Ludington and the community takes pride in viewing his website which includes the header “Sculptures in Ludington.”