421. Community Cooperative

Community Cooperative

Ludington State Park, dedicated in 1936 is recognized as the “Queen of Michigan State Parks.” Miles of pristine Lake Michigan shoreline, beautiful Hamlin Lake and the Big Sable River cradle diverse forests and fragile dunes. In addition to its natural wonders, the park preserves significant cultural sites including Big Sable Point lighthouse and the former lumbering town of Hamlin. Passionately committed to conserving these valuable resources, local community members petitioned the state’s Department of Conservation to create the park. The result of this forethought has been to preserve its unique waterways, dunes, beaches, forests, and cultural landscape. Community Cooperative stands as a reminder of that effort. Through more than 75 years, the communities surrounding the park-- and the park’s nearly one million annual visitors--have only continued to support the park. From the Civilian Conservation Corps and Project Facelift to the present day Friends of Ludington State Park, groups and individual have shown ownership and care for this magnificent place. Just as the park’s wildlife live in harmony with the park’s resources, Ludington State Park lives in concert with its visitors and volunteers.

In addition to her recognition as a fine sculptor, artist Colette Pitcher is a master water color painter and she has juried national shows.